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Electronic Hardware Design

Wireless interfaces - Zigbee, Wifi, Waveniss, cellular modem, wireless serial port, embedded antennas, remote control, support for FCC and IC certification

Microcontrollers and Digital Signal Processors: Atmel AVR, Microchip PIC, ARM7, ARM9, 8051, Analog Devices Sharc 2106x, TI TMS320C3x and C4x

Analog and Interface Circuitry: A/D and D/A converters and signal conditioning, phase-locked loops (PLL), passive and active filters, oscillators, amplifiers, switching power supplies, antennas, ultrasonic transducers, fiber optics 

High-Speed Digital Circuitry: CMOS and PECL logic up to 2 GHz, multiple supply voltages, transmission line effects and terminations 

PLD and FPGA Design: Xilinx and Intel/Altera CPLD and FPGA devices developed in Verilog 

Mixed-Signal Circuit and PCB Design: local power supply isolation and filtering, ground plane cutting, electromagnetic shielding 

Bus and Card Standards: PCI, cPCI, PMC, VME, PC104, ISA 

Printed Circuit Boards: In house design for 2 to 6 layer boards, subcontracting for larger multilayer designs, surface mount technology (SMT) with 0402, TQPF, and BGA packages

Digital direct synthesizers (DDS), high-speed A/D and D/A converters, IF signal conditioning and filtering 


Embedded microcontroller applications in C 

User libraries and example code in assembly language and C 

Test programs and diagnostics for debugging and production test 

Software-Defined Radio Techniques: dynamic range (SFDR) and intermodulation (IMD) measurement, software algorithms for baseband I/Q modulation, demodulation, filtering and automatic gain control (AGC) 

Digital Signal Processing: FIR and IIR design, FFTs and windowing,  PID control loops 


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