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Clients of Phasor Electronics Design include:

Finna Sensors
OceanWorks International
NextGen Intergrated Engineering
ACR Systems
Axxess Industries
AdvancedIO Systems

Freewing Flight Technologies

Epson Research and Development





Some Phasor Electronics Design projects include:

Electronic fuel gauge interface for tank pressure sensors on CNG (compressed natural gas) vehicles.

Industrial battery-powered high-temperature capacitance and resistance sensor with wireless ISM-band transmitter, and the base station receiver hub.

Programmable variable low-voltage DC-DC power supply with telemetry, for subsea observatory systems.

Wireless transmitter for a battery-powered temperature logger.

Wireless doorbell button and keypad operating on a 2.45 GHz Zigbee network, for use in hotels.

Current-limiting circuit breaker with telemetry, for medium voltage (400V) power distribution in subsea observatory systems.

Battery-powered ultrasonic beacon transmitter for tracking food trays in hotels, and the associated base station ultrasonic receiver.

Serial data hub for a lumber mill sensor system, to update circuit boards for surface-mount manufacture.

UAV Telemetry System. Radio telemetry system on 916 MHz for monitoring unmanned aircraft during flight.

UAV Charging System. A DC-DC Converter system to charge vehicle batteries from DC generators.

Hardware designs for 10 gigabit fiber-optic ethernet cards with onboard FPGA packet processing.

DDS Signal Generator. Programmable reference frequency synthesizer and signal generator.

GLink Gigabit Serial Signal Splitter. PMC module buffers and distributes 1.4 gigabit/sec ECL-level serial signals.

Custom PC104 interface cards for a PC-104 embedded controller used on golf carts.

Fiber-Optic Transmitter Card. Provides serial data to control electronic sign systems.

Serial Data Formatter. Reformats and distributes multi-channel data in electronic sign systems.

Lamp Intensity Modulator. Controls lamp intensity in large electronic signs.

NMEA-to-RS232 Adapter. For interconnecting marine electronics.

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Previous professional experience includes roles as Sr. Hardware Designer, Technical Lead, and Project Engineer with various companies in the Vancouver area, with responsibilities from system specification and technical management of development teams to hands-on design. Development projects have included:

A/D and D/A converter boards for software radio, both high-speed (to 210 megasamples/sec) and high dynamic range (to 100 dB).

Digital down-converter intermediate-frequency tuner boards for software-defined radio (SDR).

Digital signal processor and I/O interface boards for software radio, communications, radar, sonar, audio, avionics, image processing, and control systems.

Embedded controller systems for communications and avionics.

Signal processing software for applications including radio signal demodulation and motor control.

ASIC designs for PC video (VGA and EGA).

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