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Here are examples of products developed by Phasor Electronics Design for various customers. 


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Radio Telemetry System for Unmanned Aircraft 

This UAV telemetry system measures flight control surface angles, engine RPM, temperatures, servo positions, battery voltages, and aircraft position, velocity, and attitude. Data is transmitted to the ground station using a 900 MHz radio modem and displayed on a laptop computer. In the aircraft, two custom 4-layer circuit boards combine Atmel AVR microcontrollers, I/O interface hardware, power supply, and off-the-shelf RF modem, GPS receiver, and inertial navigation sensor. Embedded software in the aircraft was developed in C using the Gnu AVR GCC compiler.

Windows software was developed for the ground station. Telemetry data can be displayed in real time, recorded to and played back from files, and exported in various formats for analysis using other programs.




Reference Frequency Synthesizer 

This programmable signal generator uses DDS (digital direct synthesis) to accurately generate any frequency up to 100 MHz in 1 microhertz steps. Frequency accuracy  is equal to that of the external reference signal. It has sine wave and TTL outputs and includes basic CW, chirp, AM, FM, FSK, and PSK modulation for use in radio testing, communication system development, and embedded systems.



Gigabit Serial Splitter Module 

This PMC module buffers and distributes serial 1.4 gigabit/sec ECL-level signals through front-panel coaxial connectors. It uses 100-series PECL devices and impedance-controlled microstrip lines.



ISA Fiber-Optic Transmitter Card

This ISA card buffers data through a FIFO and transmits it serially at 10 megabits/sec over optical fiber or RS-422 differential cable. Work included circuit design, 4-layer circuit board design, test software development, and documentation.



Multichannel Serial Data Formatter 

This microcontroller-based stand-alone card accepts data from a PC parallel port or 10 megabit/sec serial data over optical fiber or differential cable. It splits and formats the data into up to 8 separate RS-422 serial streams. Work included design of the circuitry and 4-layer circuit board, test software development, and documentation. 



Lamp Intensity Modulator 

This microcontroller-based module plugs onto panels of SCR- or TRIAC-controlled lamps in large electronic signs. Under the control of a differential serial data input, it modulates the triggering of each lamp to achieve up to 128 levels of intensity. Work included design of the circuitry and 2-layer circuit board, test software development, and documentation. 



Custom Cards for PC104 Computer

These cards are custom components for a rugged PC-compatible computer used on golf carts. The computer has a color LCD display, touchscreen, differential GPS receiver, and RF modem. Several of these computers were built and successfully field tested by the client. 

The PC-104 card (right) mounts on an embedded PC controller. It provides connectors for the LCD display cable and serial ports for the GPS, RF modem, and touch screen. 

The smaller card (left) mounts near the LCD and touch screen and has a microcontroller to adjust the LCD backlight intensity under serial-port control.



NMEA Adapter for RS232 

This adapter converts RS-232 to optically-isolated NMEA014 signals in both the transmit and receive directions. It is used to connect computers to GPS receivers, depth sounders, and other devices in ships where grounding systems are poor. It protects computer serial ports from high ground voltages that occur between the computer and remote peripherals. We have manufactured over 200 of these units for use in computer charting systems delivered by Ocean Vision Systems.


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